Apple's Latest Announcements: What You Need to Know

Apple's Latest Announcements: What You Need to Know


Explore the latest from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, including the AI-powered Apple Intelligence, major updates to Siri, and innovative features across iOS 18, macOS 15, and more. From custom emojis and AI-driven image generators to...

Apple's Announcements from WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has wrapped up, and there’s a lot to unpack. Here are the key highlights:

Apple’s AI System: Apple Intelligence

Apple is launching its own AI system, Apple Intelligence, integrated into iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This system will enhance Apple’s apps by allowing features like image generation and text summarisation. It prioritises security by deciding whether to process requests on the device or via Apple’s private cloud. It’s available for free on iPhone 15 Pro, iPads, and Macs with M1 chips or later.

Siri’s Major AI Upgrade

Siri is getting a significant AI boost. Now more integrated into the iPhone, Siri will appear as a pulsating light and offer more control over apps. It will use advanced language models to better understand and follow up on your requests. Siri will also integrate with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, asking for your permission to use it when needed.

New AI Features in Apps

Apple is introducing new AI features in iOS 18 for Mail, Messages, Photos, and more. These include email summarisation, custom emoji creation, and an AI image generator called Image Playground. In Photos, you can search using natural language and remove unwanted objects from images. Notes and the Phone apps will have AI-powered transcriptions and summaries.

iOS 18 Customisation

iOS 18 will offer a more customisable Control Centre and the ability to freely place app icons on the home screen. You can also lock specific apps to prevent others from accessing them when you hand over your phone. Other updates include a redesigned Photos app and a new Game Mode to optimise gameplay.

RCS Support and iMessage Updates

Apple is finally supporting RCS with iOS 18. Additionally, iMessage will allow text scheduling, SMS via satellite, new Tapback options, and text formatting with bold, underline, and italics.

Apple TV Plus Enhancements

Apple TV Plus is adding a feature to identify actors and characters on screen, show current songs, and automatically display subtitles when muted. It will also support 21:9 projectors.

New Passwords App

Apple’s new Passwords app will manage your login details across devices, similar to LastPass and 1Password. It will be available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and Windows.

iPadOS 18 Calculator App

The iPad is finally getting a Calculator app, with a Math Notes feature that allows you to solve handwritten equations using the Apple Pencil. It also introduces Smart Script for handwriting improvements and spell-check.

macOS 15 iPhone Mirroring

The upcoming macOS update will allow you to mirror your iPhone on your Mac, letting you view notifications and hear audio from your phone. Safari will get a Highlights feature to pick out interesting parts of a page using machine learning.

watchOS 11 Widget Surfacing

watchOS 11 will automatically add widgets when you need them. There’s also a new Vitals app for health metrics, cycle tracking features, Live Activities, and Check In to track your workouts.

visionOS 2 Enhancements

visionOS 2 introduces spatial photos and an ultrawide virtual Mac display for the Vision Pro. It will include more intuitive gestures and support for travel mode on trains. The Vision Pro will be available in more countries, including the UK, China, and Australia.

AirPods Pro Update

The next update for AirPods Pro will allow you to respond to Siri by shaking your head and include Voice Isolation to improve call quality.