A new update for Samsung users!

A new update for Samsung users!


A new upcoming update this month for Samsung users.

If you have an older Samsung Galaxy smartphone in your pocket, there's some excellent news on the horizon this month. Samsung has recently confirmed that it will be rolling out a significant update to certain ageing models, and the major release is now officially scheduled for this month. Known as One UI 6.1, the update brings a plethora of additional features to owners of devices such as the Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Fold4, and Galaxy Z Flip4.

The updates include Samsung's Galaxy AI upgrade, which essentially makes smartphones smarter. Initially introduced on the flagship Galaxy S24 range of devices, these features are now accessible to those who prefer not to invest in a new device. Once downloaded and installed, One UI 6.1 introduces new additions such as Live Translate, allowing real-time translation of phone calls—a perfect feature for holidaymakers looking to book a table at a local restaurant.

Chat Assist has also been incorporated to aid users in adjusting the tone of their messages to better suit their recipients. Other beneficial AI upgrades include Circle to Search, enabling users to circle something in an image for an instant Google search to reveal its identity or location.

Those who frequently take notes will appreciate Note Assist, which automatically formats and generates summaries to facilitate easier reading. Additionally, for avid photographers and videographers, there are now simpler ways to edit content without requiring extensive Photoshop skills.

For instance, the new Generative Edit function can effortlessly resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos to achieve the perfect shot within seconds. Edit Suggestion offers another option, allowing photos to be improved more quickly and easily, making them Instagram-ready in no time.