Warranty and Returns

Tech Titans Manchester Warranty and Returns Policy

Warranty Coverage:

  • Tech Titans Manchester bears no responsibility for your loss of data; please ensure that all data is removed from the device before booking in for warranty or returning the device.
  • On purchases and repairs, Tech Titans Manchester offers a 6-month warranty where applicable unless a manufacturer's warranty is available.

The following is not covered by warranty:

  • Physical damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Any damage caused by rooting/jailbreaking a device
  • Removable covers such as battery covers and port covers.
  • Items with a single-use code (e.g., game activation codes or subscription codes)
  • Parts that degenerate over time (e.g., batteries) will be covered for 30 days from purchase.
  • If the product develops a fault within the stated warranty period, the defective product will be fully tested to verify the fault. Tech Titans Manchester will repair the product if found defective.
  • If the product develops a fault after the stated warranty period, Tech Titans Manchester will offer to repair the device at a discounted price.
  • If products are sent to Tech Titans Manchester for a refund or returned under warranty via shipping prior to Tech Titans Manchester receiving such products, the risk of loss and title for such products remains with the Customer.
  • The warranty does not cover physical damage, accidental damage, misuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, improper voltage supply, improper modification, firmware flashing, BIOS flashing, or service by anyone other than Tech Titans Manchester.

Returns and Unwanted Products:

  • Customers are entitled to return an unwanted item within 48 hours of sale for a full refund.
  • Refunds will be subject to testing and if the item is returned in the same condition as sold.
  • In order to prevent abuse, Tech Titans Manchester reserves the right to limit the number of returns or exchanges from specific customers.
  • A customer may not return items that have been opened or used that may pose hygiene risks, such as earphones or media items that can be copied (e.g., CDs, DVDs, and Software).

Tech Titans Manchester Refund Policy:

  • Tech Titans Manchester does not offer refunds after the 48-hour period has lapsed.
  • In this instance, Tech Titans Manchester will offer to exchange it for something else of equal value or an in-store voucher.

Requirements for Returned Products:

  • Accompanied by a valid proof of purchase.
  • Returned Products to Tech Titans Manchester should contain all items included in the original Product.

Refund, Repair, or Replacement Process:

  • All returned Products need to be tested and the fault verified before any refund, repair, or replacement can be issued.